High-speed, fixed line connectivity

Vodacom ADSL gives you high-speed access to the Internet, using existing copper telephone lines. You can send and receive data while using the same telephone line to make and receive calls at the same time.

Why should I use Vodacom ADSL?

  • Speeds of Broadband ADSL far exceed that of conventional dial-up modem
  • Transfer data and make voice calls at the same time, using the same telephone line
  • Subscribe to a contractual period of your choice: Month-to-Month, 12 and 24 months or Top Up option
  • Reliable, fixed-line Internet connection for your home or business

How do I get Vodacom ADSL?

You will need:
  • An existing Telkom land-line.
  • To be within an ADSL-supported area.
  • An ADSL line available through Telkom.
  • An ADSL router or modem (also available from your Vodacom Service Provider).
Subscribe to Broadband ADSL by visiting your nearest Vodacom Service Provider, who will assist you with the contractual and service activation process. If you require an ADSL line, your Vodacom Service Provider will check if your area is ADSL-supported by Telkom. If you are not within an ADSL-supported area, the Broadband ADSL service will not be an option for you. Please consider the other Broadband offerings from Vodacom.
For more information, call Vodacom?s dedicated Data Contact Centre on 082 155 and speak to a friendly call-centre agent.

How much does it cost?

Broadband ADSL Contract and Once-off Bundles costs
Bundle Name Bundle Size (MB) Subscription charges
    ADSL 24-month Contracts including a router subsidy Month-to-month and 12-month Contract Once-off ADSL Bundles
MyGig 1 ADSL 1024 R69.00 R59.00 R69.00
MyGig 3 ADSL 3072 R159.00 R119.00 R169.00
MyGig 5 ADSL 5120 R239.00 R169.00 N/A
MyGig 10 ADSL 10240 R429.00 R359.00 N/A